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was considered the most important contribution, that those who like or even love Lanzarote could make for the benefit of the island and those who are in business serving those who visit, could make - when thoughts were being pooled in order to create

It is therefore pleasing that people it seems are more than happy to tell the world, in this public arena, about the Experiences on the island that move them, and we already know of others tracking down those same Experiences, to experience for themselves.

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Have YOUR say - feedback is crucial

What Lanzarote Soceity asks everyone  - who knows anything at all about Lanzarote – to do, is to let us know about what they regard as a Lanzarote Experience, so that we can take action to include those businesses into this section.

There are no limits.   This is not just for Timafaya and the camels.   They are here almost automatically!


For someone living on the island a Lanzarote Experience could well be the name of a plumber who is reliable, clean and tidy and well priced !    Especially if their previous three plumbers have been a disaster.


We have already described what a family with young children might regard as their Lanzarote Experiences, which will be 'a thousand miles' away from the retired couple with a hire car, for whom walking the volcanoes, cactus fields and beaches provides the sublime experience.


Whatever anyone finds to be a Lanzarote Experience is something that we want to know about, please, so that we can translate their experiences into these pages, for others to know about and enjoy, and of course to encourage that business to keep up the good work.


We always want to describe 'experiences' in sufficient detail, so that what is a sublime Lanzarote Experience for one person - but would be a bore for another - is obvious to all.


It is pointless saying to everyone, only that 'the water park' is utterly fantastic – and ". . .you must go. . . " because perhaps only 1 in 10 people would actually enjoy that experience.


For some people the water park is truly a Lanzarote Experience, as the sun and atmosphere of Lanzarote mixes with a fairly standard water park, similar to that found anywhere, but which, together can make a Lanzarote Experience.  

We have to help visitor to the island judge whether they would find the water park fantastic, or a disappointment, which is not easy, but is 'do-able', so lets try and do it.   

At the right time and in the right circumstances the water park adds that crucial ingredient to the holiday but – its potential as a Lanzarote Experience has to be put in its place.

Back to you 

So as you are reading these words, will  you

please cast your mind back to the last occasion, either coming to Lanzarote or whilst you were here, when something that you experienced was exceptionally nice, or when some service or product that you purchased was exceptionally good or efficient, that you can truly describe as having stood out from other experiences as 'a good Lanzarote Experience'.


Then click here    and nominate those experiences to be added to this area, for others to know about.


Thank you.